There is no guarantee that small business ideas will succeed, however research radically increases your chances of succeeding. Market research in its broadest sense, refers to the gathering and analyzing information in order to make decisions regarding a particular aspect of the market environment for your business.

While market research cannot predict the future, it is a useful planning tool, and the best means you have of finding your present position and possible future directions. If used properly, it can forecast probable events based on trends and current consumer behaviour.

Basic Questions to Test a Product or Service

The three questions below are the basic questions to define your business success, which need to be asked when starting a small business. You should be able to answer at least one of these questions with a definite ‘yes’.
1. Will you be filling a gap that actually exists in the current market?
2. Are you going into a market where the demand is greater than supply?
3. Can you offer a really big difference? For example a better price, higher quality, better service or more convenient location for the customers?

Starting a Small Business

Have you ever thought about starting a small business but didn’t know how to take it any further? Here at Small Business World we deal with the process from generating business ideas to investigating those ideas to assess their full potential.
You will need to take stock of your present range of management skills and experience, your current expertise gained from many years working for someone else may already give some indication of the best business to start. Throughout these pages we will detail the range of skills we believe you will need in starting a small business.
We will also look at ways to generate more ideas for your small business, and you will learn how to perform some basic market research and how to make a business plan which is the road map for your business success.

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